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How to live your best life in 2021

How to live your best life in 2021

If we can take anything from the past twelve months, it’s that living each day to the absolute fullest and never taking anything for granted has never been more important.

Whilst the art of self-care and treating yourself were buzzwords that took over our newsfeeds, how do we take what we’ve learnt over the past year and put it into serious action for 2021? Here’s some of the ways we are.

Do more of what makes you happy

If you’re anything like us, you found joy in some of the simpler things in life over the past twelve months. Before our lives were turned upside down, you may have thought a promotion, a bigger house or more material things around you were the key to your happiness when in reality, that morning walk and coffee are now the things you truly look forward to each day.

We think this is amazing! Those small moments in life really add up to feelings of happiness and fulfilment and puts everything into perspective. If Friday night games nights (even over Zoom), listening to music, enjoying nice food or a good coffee were things that lit you up in recent times, we think you should bring that into 2021.

Write a list of all the things that truly made you smile in the past year and think about the things you’d like to keep doing. Before you know it, these could become part of your daily rituals and leave you feeling more content than ever.

Learn to say no (and be okay with it!)

Just like living your best life in 2021 starts with doing more of what makes you happy, it also means doing less of what doesn’t make you happy! We’ve all experienced fatigue more than ever and in 2021, we want to see you say no to things that leave you feeling unbalanced… and be totally okay with it too!

Embrace every moment by focusing on things that contribute to you living your best life. If you’ve previously slaved away in the gym and absolutely hate it, why not switch things up in 2021 and go for more walks outside with friends or your dog?

Instead of answering emails late at night and on weekends, say no to inbox fatigue and set boundaries with yourself. If going out mid-week leaves you feeling drained and uninspired, say no and suggest something that works for everyone involved.

Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person and it’s most definitely not selfish. It’s part of owning what doesn’t bring you joy or balance and allowing you to live the life you want to live.

Practice gratitude

Journaling and gratitude journals are a trend that never seems to subside, and we can’t say we’re surprised! So much more than diary, practicing daily gratitude is a way of reminding yourself of all the things that contribute to you living your best life.

Writing down the things you’re grateful for each day is training your mind to always find a positive in any situation. Even on those days that feel arduous, this daily practice gives you a moment to reflect and smile on something that did light you up.

In those moments when life feels difficult and like nothing is going to plan, your gratitude journal is a space to remind yourself of all the wonderful things that help you live your best life. Like a glossary to your happiness, practicing gratitude is a habit we’d love to see everyone introduce to their lives.

Create healthy habits

When it comes to living your best life each and every day, nothing compares to the healthy habits you create for your body, mind and soul. These habits are what fuel, nourish and replenish each day and ensure that from the moment you wake up in the morning, you’re ready to take on the world.

Whilst healthy eating and exercise are no brainers, creating healthy habits can be so much more than this. For us, it’s all about practicing healthy sleep habits like switching off technology at the same time each night and instead, grabbing our gratitude journal before sleep.

On the weekends, it’s about practicing self-care and replenishing your mind and body from another busy week. Creating healthy habits can even come down to the boundaries you set between your work and personal life (especially when working from home) to ensure you feel balanced and in control of your stress.

When we consistently practice these healthy habits, they become engrained in our daily routine and feel less like a chore and more part of how we live our best lives. If you’re unsure of where to start, begin by implementing one habit a month, like an official bedtime, and slowly but surely retrain the way you operate.

How are you living your best life this year? Remember, the care we show to ourselves is never selfish. It’s part of making each and every moment count!

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