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Customer Journey: Transforming Breakouts to Makeup-Free Confidence

Leitesha Mckibbin tells how Hey Bud Skincare helped her go from acne to proudly wearing no makeup at all

Leitesha Mckibbin, a long-time Hey Bud customer and Hey Bud co-founder, Alex Roslaniec, sat down to discuss all things skincare.

☘️ Alex: We are going through the orders of our top customers and we saw that you're literally in like the top five. So we were like - we have to meet this person!

💚 Leitesha: Oh, I'm glad I'm up there. (laugh)

Alex: Yeah. Thank you so much for taking the time. How did you find out about the brand? What do you like about the products? 

💚 Leitesha: So originally I'd been using other skincare products and just nothing was working for my skin. And I was just kind of like - I've wasted so much money before, I might as well just try this. So I'm kind of like you know, anything with hemp has got to be good.

Alex: What skin concern did you have? You said that nothing worked for you?

💚 Leitesha: So I've got polycystic ovary syndrome. And so with that comes, obviously, bad skin and just I find that my entire life I've never found anything that reacts well to my skin. And even if I did find something that worked well, I'd find a few months down the track it would backfire. Whereas Hey Bud is literally the only skincare that I've found that I can use constantly and like the only thing I've learned that I need to do is when it comes to the clay mask, I always use them every second day. And then sometimes it's like you've got to go for a spot here and there. As for the oil, I found if I was using oil too much, my skin would break out, whereas if I kind of willed it back, then I'd be fine. And yeah, honestly, since using Hey Bud, my skin has never been so clear, ever. I can say I get compliments about it. I work with fast food and everyone's always like has just gotten so good and I'm like Hey Bud - go and order. 

Alex: Walk me through what's your routine with the products, like what do you do first and what’s your routine every morning? 

💚 Leitesha: So every morning I'll use the cleanser. And then I use both the serums and then I use the daily moisturizer for the morning routine and then my night routine is cleanser - and if I'm doing a face mask, I'll do the face mask after the cleanser - and then the same serums and then I use the night moisturizer at nighttime and then the oil. I use the face oil by night and I only use it probably every second night, depending on when I do a face mask, then I use oil that night.

Alex: And which one is your favorite product?

💚 Leitesha: My favorite product? The mask. Yeah, I have not found any mask that my skin reacts so well to. Like every mask I’ve used gave me instant breakouts, there's nothing else that I can use, so honestly, you guys like saved my life.

Alex: Do you use any other skincare brands or is Hey Bud pretty much the main?

💚 Leitesha: Hey Bud is literally all I use. I’ve used other brands. I've used stuff prescribed from the doctors, all sorts. As soon as I found Hey Bud, I literally grabbed the rest of that crap and throwed it. 

Alex: And you mentioned that you like the hemp aspect of it. Hemp is one of the main ingredients in our products.

💚 Leitesha: I'm very big on it, like I feel like hemp should be used for so much! Like hemp is such a versatile thing that should be used for so much so yeah, I'm all for hemp. 

Alex: I'm wondering as well how often do you think about your skin - is it like a daily thing you're thinking about your skin or?

💚 Leitesha: It's a daily thing for me because I've always struggled with my acne and I don't wear makeup or anything like that. So for me, having good, clear skin is obviously important and so yeah, honestly, like when I say that Hey Bud saved my life - you guys saved my life. Like my skin - before I found you guys - it was the worst it's ever been. I've never ever worn makeup, and I had to wear makeup and I was like, this isn't for me. So as soon as I found you guys, I was like, chuck this makeup out like I can be natural again. I don't have to worry. I just love it. Honestly. 

Alex: Let me just know a little bit about yourself. So you said you were working in fast food?

💚 Leitesha: Yeah. I'm also a barista slash manager. I'm a single mom of two wild little boys. Yeah, I was a stay at home mom for maybe four years and so I pretty much down Hey Bud, just in time for me to go back to work which was just a saving grace because obviously, working customer service you don't want your face to look like... Yeah, and you guys are what I’d like to thank the universe for.

Alex: Yeah, yeah. And it seems like natural ingredients and something that you value quite a lot.

💚 Leitesha: Yeah. Yeah, definitely. 

Alex: Okay. Great. It was so nice to meet you. It’s really nice. 

💚 Leitesha: It's finally nice to meet you. The people behind the product. Yes.

Alex: It’s been good to chat. Really, really, really appreciate it. It was a pleasure to chat with 

you and get to know you. Yeah, we'd love to kind of stay in touch with you and send you products before everyone else. Things like that. Keep you up to date with things and yeah, thank you so much.

💚 Leitesha: Beautiful. Sounds good. Thank you guys for the time to reach out and talk to me. I really appreciate it.

Alex: Thank you for the support. Thanks a lot. 

💚 Leitesha: As always guys. Keep up the good work. Honestly. Thanks for keeping my skin look good, too!

Read the reviews, see how it changes people’s lives and take a leap of faith, as we did, as it may change yours too. 

And with their 90-day money-back guarantee and free worldwide shipping, there is really nothing to lose. 

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