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What tanning does to your acne, according to dermatologists

You've accidentally caught some summer rays, but is this the cause of your breakout?

Not so long ago, some dermatologists believed that exposure to sunlight could improve acne by killing bacteria on the skin. The tanning salons used to peddle this myth as one of the many benefits of using their sun-bed services, but in more recent years the true damage tanning can cause your skin has come to light.

The most common reason people seek that tanned glow is that feeling it can 'improve' the look of your skin and camouflage blemishes, but this effect is only temporary. Aside from the direct [sunburns] and serious consequences, such as melanoma, sun exposure isn’t beneficial for your skin, especially if you’re prone to breakouts and sensitivities. 

“But, my skin looks better after tanning”

Sure, you may easily think tanning actually is helping tame your breakouts as your skin colour changes. Yet, what you see in the mirror is only a short-term trick the sun is playing with you, as there are complex processes happening in the deeper layers of your skin as it changes pigment and they’re only contributing to further skin issues.  

Oily Skin v Dry Skin? 

If you have oily skin, your skin may seem to benefit from the sun exposure initially. However in the long term, your sebaceous glands will produce start to over-produce more oil as sun exposure start to dry natural skin moisture. 


If you have dry skin, repeat after us - STAY AWAY FROM SUN EXPOSURE! The more sun exposure, the drier your skin will get. Your skin will start to feel that UV damage and lash out by producing excess sebum (the oil that makes your pores clogged and flare up new breakouts).  

But what about active breakouts? Because you might feel like you have some inital reduction in oil, you may think tanning + sun exposure helps your acne and breakouts, but it’s actually a vicious circle with only short-term benefits.

In the longer term, you’re only going deeper into the problem, making it harder to get rid of. Not to mention the dangers of UV exposure for the skin, starting with sunburns and premature skin aging to serious consequences such as skin cancer. 

On top of that, some acne treatments cause sun sensitivity and exposure to UV, via sunbeds or sunlight may cause even further damage. If you’re using any kind of acne medication, it may be more than wise to consult with your dermatologist on the safest ways to support your skin when it comes to UVA and UVB exposure. 

Should you avoid the sunbathing and tanning beds completely? 

Simple answer? Sun exposure of any kind is damaging for any skin type.

Even worse? If your skin is already inflamed and angry with breakouts, you're just doing further and possibly irreparable damage to your acne-prone skin ❌

Some light exposure to sunlight may be beneficial for your body, such as getting your vitamin D, but in order to get the production of this vitamin started, you only need a short exposure of around 20 minutes of low light a few times a week. Better so if you do it in the mornings or late afternoons, when the UV index is not high. 

“But I like spending time in the sun…”

We know, we know… Sun’s out, fun’s out. 

If you can’t wait to hop outside and discover the world, do it the smart way and your skin will thank you. Here’s how: 

#1 Serve SPF some serious shades and use sunscreen all year round

Yes, UV radiation can damage your skin even when it’s cloudy so you won’t be wrong if you use skincare products with an SPF all year round. 

Try Hey Bud's Serving Shades SPF50 Sunscreen Lotion for an easy skin-loving sunscreen that has all the benefits of skincare but the protection you need from UVA + UVB rays. 

Use water-based sunscreens with at least SPF 30 in warmer months. Oil-based sunscreens may clog your pores and contribute to making a mess on your skin. Water-based sunscreens will be light on your skin, but make sure to use SPF 50 during the hottest months, even if you have naturally dark skin tone. 

#2 Stay in the shade

That 'sun kissed skin' is actually a sign that your skin is releasing melanin, a pigment that protects you from UV damage. High levels of melanin visible on your skin as a darker colour than your winter skin tone mean that your skin is already damaged, so staying in the shade and wearing hats when the sun is high will definitely be a smart move.

#3 Use quality, hydration-first and soothing skincare

Sunlight not only dries out your skin, but it also breaks down collagen, helping it to age more quickly. UV exposure damages the skin barrier, which results in dryness, dullness, redness, sensitivity, and breakouts. 

Hence, using clean skincare based on gentle ingredients, proven to nourish, repair, hydrate and strengthen the skin’s barrier on a daily basis is of utmost importance. 

Hey Bud are clean, hemp-powered skincare goodies made by people who experienced all this on their own skin. Not only we got ourselves rid of acne, but we’ve helped several thousands of people to get free. 

Our products also have a whole bucket of benefits for the skin, such as fighting free radicals, balancing oil production, superior hydration and nourishment and prevention of premature aging. No BS, no nasties. Just pure goodness for your skin 🍀

We offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and FREE worldwide shipping so you can rest assured that our only aim is to help you get acne-free, healthy, glowing skin, too. 

Meet our hemp-powered, acne-fighting skincare routine

Meet your next obsession - super light gel cleanser infused with hemp seed oil and grapefruit extract, naturally high in vitamin C, that gently cleanses, reduces excess oils and bacteria, stimulates collagen production and fights off free radicals. Ideal for daily use because it won’t strip your skin of its natural oils, but will rather balance oil production to free its natural beauty.  

A big HELLO! from our best-seller, powered by hemp seed oil, two types of clay, matcha, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, draws out impurities, clears and brightens the skin without drying it. It’s like no other mask you’ve ever tried - it feels like a big soak of water to your face and leaves your skin smoother in just 10 minutes. The best thing about it? You only need to use it once or twice a week to get fabulous results!

Our heavenly serum with cucumber water and lots of other goodies for your skin visibly soothes, plumps and hydrates skin. The Hemp Clay Mask may be our best-seller, but this serum has its own fan base. It’s so lightweight that you’ll wish you bought a yearly supply.  

This rich, creamy wonder intensely hydrates and nourishes skin while you sleep, so you can wake up with that perfect morning glow. Packed with goodies such as aloe vera, green tea and a few non-comedogenic oils and butters, it will have you wake up with baby-like skin. 

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