Do you have milia?

Read this before you try invasive treatments

I bet every person has that one extremely beautiful friend who is unaware of their appearance and/or feels insecure. Mine is also a singer with a captivating voice, and yet, despite the attention she would get wherever she went, for years she was drowning in her self-consciousness because of white bumps on her face that she couldn’t even hide with makeup. Luckily, those are no more. 

What are milia?

Also called milk spots, milia are tiny white cysts that usually come in patches, but can also appear as a single bump (milium) anywhere on the body. They are most commonly found on the forehead, temples, cheeks and around the nose. 

Milia happen when keratin from dead skin cells gets trapped in pores and harden. They aren’t necessarily a serious skin problem, but can become one if they get inflamed. They’re more unpleasant aesthetically and can get bigger over time. Some mild cases can even go away on their own. But what if they don’t?

Since milia are a type of closed comedones, they aren’t easy to get rid of. Picking them won’t release the material trapped under skin, and it can trigger inflammation and scarring. 

From small patches of milia on temples to a full-blown facial disaster

When we were students, the milia on my friend’s face weren’t so noticeable and she was able to conceal them with light makeup. But years passed and the whiteheads on her face got bigger and more visible by the time she was thirty. 

In the meantime, she visited different dermatologists in search of the treatment that would get those nasty bumps off her face, but with not much luck. They mainly proposed invasive treatments, such as de-roofing (talk needles and pricking), cryotherapy and curettage (yes, it’s bad as it sounds), which she didn’t want to do because she was afraid of scarring. 

Aside from that, my poor girl tried every home treatment she could get her hands on - from homemade remedies to god-knows-how-many skincare brands. An aggravating circumstance was that she prefers using only natural skincare so her chances of succeeding weren’t the best. Plus, she pretty much gave up and learned to live with it. 

As her birthday was coming up, our circle of friends decided to take matters into our hands. And… 

We’ve found a gentle way to get rid of those nasty, white bumps

It’s kinda logical, I mean, we’re travelling to Space, growing cells in labs and have all kinds of cosmetic products available, so there had to be something to help with closed comedones. But one gets so easily swamped by content on the web that the three of us spent a whole weekend digging, reading things about milia and whiteheads of all kinds and then one of us stumbled at this Australian brand on BuzzFeed

We went to their website and saw that they have a great range of skincare products that are completely natural and promising clearer skin, which was nothing uncommon. What was is that they are all made with hemp seed oil (which one of us has successfully used to calm rosacea flare ups in the past) and their reviews had a bunch of images. Not only have we read through thousands of their customers' reviews, but we also found their Facebook group, full of praises for the brand. Their Trust Pilot reviews are also excellent, so the next steps were clear. 

After reading so many success stories and seeing so many photos of people who literally transformed their skin, we ordered The Full Bud bundle with seven products. With their 90-day money-back guarantee and free worldwide shipping, we had nothing to lose. Plus, it was a great present for her upcoming birthday. Even if it didn’t help with her issue, at least it was natural and the product packaging looked cool. 

Three weeks into the Hey Bud skincare routine

We received the package after two weeks, just in time for our friend’s birthday. She was delighted with the package, but didn’t have much faith. Still, she promised she will be using the products diligently for a month, to see if anything will change. 

But we didn’t need to wait that long - she called us excited in her third week and told us that almost a half of her milia had already disappeared! The bigger ones were still there, but there was no trace of smaller ones, plus her skin was glowing, so she continued using the products.

Of all the seven products, she was using six daily. Here is her daily skincare routine:

Morning Routine

that she thinks did the most work on daily basis

as it protects the skin against UV radiation

that feels superlight on the skin (and is a great primer, too!)

for a dewy touch up and to trap the moisture in the skin, without clogging the pores (and also for makeup removal in the evening!)

Evening Routine

to unclog pores and get all the dirt off

that she says feels soothing after a long day

that nourishes and helps heal and regenerate the skin during the night

Each routine took no more than 5 minutes total. On top of that, she was using the Hemp Clay Mask 1-2 times per week, usually to detox her skin after a heavy makeup day after a gig. 

The aftermath = four converted fans

Our friend still feels a bit insecure to share her photos, as she is kinda famous, but her transformation - and ours that followed, inspired us to share her story. She got rid of almost all milia on her face in less than three months and is now exclusively using Hey Bud skincare. Should I mention the change in her behaviour? Our girl is glowing, inside out. 

In the meantime, we’ve all replaced some of the products in our skincare routines with Hey Bud. The friend with rosacea can’t get enough of their Face oil and neither can I. Their 5% Hyaluronic Acid + Hemp serum and Face Oil do wonders for my sensitive skin. Our third friend uses the Hemp Clay Mask as a spot treatment for her PMS breakouts and says it tames them overnight. 

If you’re experiencing a stubborn case of milia, or any other skin concern (people are talking it helped them get rid of all kinds of acne and skin sensitivities), I would strongly advise you to check out Hey Bud skincare. 

Read the reviews, see how it changes people’s lives and take a leap of faith, as we did, as it may change yours too. 

And with their 90-day money-back guarantee and free worldwide shipping, there is really nothing to lose. 

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