Do you feel powerless against acne breakouts?

Here's why your regular skincare

 routine is failing to fight acne

"So many women suffer from acne, even years after

 growing out of their teens and into adulthood."



Wrong! It was just as bad, if not worse, as it was when I was in high school.

 I spent most of my time learning how to do those crazy makeup tutorials, buying everything I could find to cover those angry red blemishes up.

 But soon, I realized that knowing how to cover up my imperfections was only part of it. Plus, I felt self-conscious about my skin without makeup. I wanted to get rid of that acne once and for all.

I used tons of different creams, clay masks, and serums that promised results but only made my breakouts even worse. My skin felt dry and more irritated. 

 I even followed those blogs that suggested using natural ingredients from my kitchen. Raw honey, baking soda, lemon juice, avocados… none of that stuff worked for me either. 

 I thought professional treatments might be the answer. 

 My dermatologist suggested a chemical peel. I still didn't get the results I wanted, so we tried microdermabrasion...

Nothing I was doing, even those pricey and painful skin treatments at the dermatologist's office, was working. 

I found out that it's far more common than women think.

Finally, I got tired of every possible advertisement or recommendation out there on how to "quickly clear your skin." 

I decided to do more research myself with the hope of finding what truly can help.

Spent weeks in different blogs and forums.

To find out not only how to hide acne but also how to help my skin fight it.

I understood that getting to that root cause, though, requires understanding how the skin works.

Acne occurs because the skin enters

a vicious cycle, which can be provoked even

more with the wrong skincare products.

Skin naturally produces oil to keep it soft and supple. 

When skin becomes unbalanced, it produces more oil to compensate for drying out, often caused by products that don't serve the skin well. 

With too much oil, it traps the skin cells that naturally shed as part of the regeneration process.

Excess oil, dead skin cells, and dirt, makeup, bacteria, and pollutants all get lodged into the pores with no way out. They cause irritation that results in those ugly breakouts.

 The Solution: Clearing Out Your Pores Without Drying Out Your Skin

If you're like me, you probably tried everything else out there too. I have to tell you that I was so tired of buying things to clear up my acne with no results. 

By chance, I'd read something about hemp seed oil as the way to clearer skin.

 When I looked into it, I saw that an official study showed hemp oil to be a successful way to help treat acne. And then, I found a clay mask that had hemp oil as one of the main ingredients.

I wasn't expecting anything miraculous to happen after so many disappointments, but once I tried Hey Bud's Hemp Clay Mask, it was the game-changer my skin needed! I was absolutely amazed, and it's all I've been telling anyone. 

Hey Bud takes fighting acne to the next level.

Whereas most clay masks only think of drawing out the toxins in the skin, something clay does quite well, they neglect adding moisture back into the skin... 

 ... and It's damaging your skin!

The reason all those other clay masks

don’t help get rid of is because

they only solve part of the problem

It's not just what gets caught in the pores but also how dry skin gets. Oily skin can be too dry as well, and when it's not properly hydrated, it will break out even more.

With Hey Bud's hemp clay mask, you get the beautifying benefits of clay that draw out the toxins and dead skin from down deep, with the finish of hemp seed oil to help your skin feel hydrated, soothed, and glow from within. 

 It's what all other clay mask formulations are missing.

 After seeing my results, my friends started to ask me if I could give a hint of what I've been using for them too. 

 It got to the point where I was asked by dozen of women I don't even know, who just came to ask me about my "radiant looking" skin…

 Seeing real results helped me get back my confidence in myself. 

 Right now I enjoy many social events without worrying that someone will be pointing at me for my bad skin...

 It saved the world for me!

 But don't take my word for it...

Here is what women are saying about this:

Goodbye acne and hello clearer skin.

Hemp infused skincare with natural ingredients that help to balance oil production on the skin, remove dead skin, and provide the skin with the nutrients it needs to be healthy, glowing, and clear.

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I just wanted to say thank you so much for saving my skin! Hey Bud has removed my acne, cleared the redness and left my skin feeling moisturised. Easily the best mask on the market and I will be a customer for life!

- Hayley

Oh my god look at this! 

First photo is from October and the other one is today (November 23rd)!

- Katie

As you all could imagine the first photo is so sensitive for me to post as its so embarrassing but my skin would flare up from any product. Now my skin is soft and I use the moisturiser every day and as a primer before makeup 🤩

- Jaicie


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Hemp Cleanse

USD  $39.00  $47

The Hey Bud Bundle

USD  $90.00  $120

Bestie Kit

USD  $59.00  $94