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Do you have 'angry skin'?

Here’s how to find the right skincare products for your sensitive skin - without getting “burned”

Do you have sensitive skin? Welcome to the club and be prepared to feel better!

You probably know how hard it is to find the right skincare products that won't give you nasty skin reactions (which I call "angry skin"). You've also probably experienced many products labeled "suitable for sensitive skin" to do the same and being back to square one. 

So how do you get out of that vicious circle? I couldn't believe I'll ever do it, either, but hear me out. 

It seems that over 70% of people suffer with sensitive skin and, thanks to a variety of triggers such as pollution, stress and other hormonal factors, this number is only going to increase in the future. 

That's probably the reason we see more and more products made for sensitive skin on the shelves in beauty stores. But buying a brand without trying it first can feel like a lottery, where you can either get healed or get burned and, in most cases, lose some money. I did it sooo many times!

If this looks like your reality, too, I have a solution for you and it's called "follow the reviews". Here's how I did it. 

My critical case of angry skin

I've struggled with sensitive skin for more than 20 years. That's quite a long time when you need to care for your skin every day and your skincare options are super-limited. I have a mixed skin type - oily T-zone and dry cheeks that go crazy when they experience a touch of skincare product they don't like. Also, the sun & cold weather gave me a hell of their own. 

My skincare routine consisted of products that did the least damage, and were mostly ointments my dermatologist gave me, but they were mostly too thick (clogging my pores) and couldn’t hydrate my face properly. I either couldn't find or couldn't afford anything that my skin would love. And gosh, I have tried a lot of things. 

I also avoided eating all the things I love for years (read: sugar, spicy things, gluten, cocktails) but that did nothing revolutionary. I did, however, discover that eating a balanced diet (being at least 70% healthy) helped and kept my bad skin days somewhat easier than earlier so I tried to stick to it. 

And then… A total fiasco

I was visiting my brother in Europe and went to buy some things I needed for my stay. I came across a beautifully packed moisturizer and just couldn’t resist buying it. The name of the brand and the packaging were soooo promisingly gentle, and it was labeled “suitable for babies and sensitive skin”. Ingredients looked good, too, as you learn to know your enemy through the years. 

Later I discovered it’s a huge brand there and that the cream itself was a smooth, fluffy experience I couldn’t wait to put on my face. But just 4-5 minutes after I did, I almost started screaming. My face was on fire and it burned like hell

I have experienced rashes, discomfort and redness before, but this was a whole new level of skin reaction. 

Even after I washed my face a couple of times (with the product I have safely used earlier), the burning sensation didn’t stop. By that time, my face turned into a typical chemical burn. I don’t know if you have ever seen one, but it doesn’t look nice. 

Here’s a milder example of one:

Mine was similar, but being on my face it felt like the end of the world. 

It took months for it to heal, with the help of my dermatologist. We never quite figured what exactly caused it because I’ve used all the ingredients before, but experienced nothing like it. 

How I found the safe skincare products for my overly reactive skin

You can probably imagine my fear of trying anything new for months, but I couldn’t stick to what I had. I’ve also had a few wrinkles and some sun spots and I also wanted help with that, but I was hopeless. 

One night, I was on Facebook, when I saw an ad that took me to the Facebook Page, then the page took me to a Facebook group

It was about an Australian skincare brand and the people in the group were raving about it. 

It was about an Australian skincare brand and the people in the group were raving about it. 

The thing that triggered me to click on an ad was that the products were based on hemp-seed oil, which I liked to consume from time to time as it has a lot of great nutrients.

So I went in there and spent hours reading about it. Me being me, I couldn’t buy just based on people talking in some Facebook group, so I Googled it to the bone. 

I’ve found that they have a 4.9 rating on Trust Pilot (on more than 1k reviews!), which made me wanna look further. Their website was also full of before and after pics of people using the brand.

The founders are Australian friends, who were sick and tired of dealing with their skin issues too, so they’ve decided to work with people who, how it looks, know a thing or two about sensitive skin. 

They developed an all-natural skincare line for blemish-prone skin, but it was “made for sensitive skin” and free of “nasties”, as they call it. 

I also found enough press articles to convince me to give them a chance. Oh, happy day!

Here’s what I ordered

Even if their most popular product was a mask, I have ordered their gel moisturizer and HA serum only to see if they’ll do me any good (or better said - if they won’t do me anything bad).

After about two weeks, my package arrived, and it was beautiful! 

I cleaned my face immediately and cautiously rubbed the serum in. The consistency was heavenly, but I was looking at my mirror and waiting for my skin’s reaction. A minute passed, then another. Nothing. Could this really be?

Just to be safe, I waited a couple of minutes and massaged the gel moisturizer in. At one point my face seemed reddish, but I soon figured it’s from the massage improving blood flow to my face, so it passed as quickly as it came. 

Fifteen minutes later, my skin was still normal and calm and I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Two weeks into my routine, I’ve ordered the Full Bud bundle to try all their products and they’re now the only brand I use. 

Eight months later, I didn’t look back and the butterfly rash from my rosacea feels like a bad dream now. It’s like 20 years of the struggle to calm my skin was someone else’s life. And there’s only one thing that I regret - it’s that I didn’t find it earlier. 

The products (especially that loved mask!) literally wiped the blackheads from my oily nose in just 3-4 takes. My skin is glowing, my sun spots are completely gone (it took about 2 months) and my wrinkles are way less noticeable because of my skin being more hydrated and plumper. 

I also use the mask as a spot treatment on my PMS days, when some nasty volcano decides to show up. I put a small amount of mask on it overnight and I wake up to only a slight trace of it in the morning. 

If you can’t afford the full palette, I beg you to try the mask (to deeply clean your pores), at least one of the serums (both of them are soooo good, but it depends on your skin’s needs), and their face oil

If you’re now thinking that oil might clog your pores, remember that I have an oily T-zone and it only helped me control oil production, plus I saw many other people praising it. It may be one of my favorite products, as it is deeply hydrating and amplifies my natural skin glow, without that slick shield. 

Now, I know not everyone is the same, and I, along with all the people Hey Bud worked for, can only speak for ourselves. I can’t tell if it will work for you, but one thing I learned from my experience is to follow the reviews of REAL people.

Don’t just rely on the brand’s website and social accounts, because it’s where they can delete negative reviews. Dig deeper. Try Trustpilot, Reddit, forums, different media and see what the bigger picture shows. It will save you some money, nerves and time. 

You don’t have to wait for years, as I did. 

Why I went with Hey Bud is that I found a number of credible, independent reviews, real-life pics, great ingredients and products, plus their 90-day money-back guarantee that made me feel safe in terms of not wasting my money. 

There are many people out there telling their story with Hey Bud, mostly about acne, and some credible media (Marie Claire, Refinery29 or BuzzFeed) publishing their people’s stories about the experience with the brand. 

This is me telling my own, hoping to change someone’s life as Hey Bud did mine. And hoping that they will tell their story, too, because the world - or at least 70% of it, needs more brands like this one. 

P.S. They offer free worldwide shipping + 90-day money-back guarantee + you save more on buying double packs or bundles (-20%) 

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