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We Reduce.

We Reuse.

We Recycle.

Hey Bud is committed to improving our brand through a global sustainability strategy that is incorporated into our business model and is a core pillar to our brand.  


Removal of Unnecessary Plastic

We tossed out shrink wrapping from the beginning and we are moving our brushes into kraft paper holders, headband into kraft boxes and bags as well.

Strategic Partnerships

We've partnered up with a 3PL committed to sustainability who is certified as a climate neutral company from the climate expert South Pole and offsets all of Hey Bud's carbon footprint by purchasing carbon credits for us.

Eco Shippers

Shippers are sourced locally next to our manufacturer and are made of 78% recycled material and 22% kraft paper. They are also FSC certified!

Glass and PCR Plastics

We use glass and are transitioning our clay mask to post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. We have also realised that glass isn't always better and for our heavier products such as our cleanser we were negatively effecting the environment through flying a heavier product around the world 


Global Warehousing

We are in the process of moving all our products locally for New Zealand, US/Canada and United Kingdom customers. At the moment we ship everything from our Sydney warehouse which has a negative effect on both shipping times as well as our carbon footprint.

Refillable products

If a customer has purchased from us before, they will soon be able to purchase refills which dramatically reduce waste.

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