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The blackhead-clearing routine that got the world on fire

Blackhead would be a good name for a pirate. Having it on your skin isn’t so fun. As misfortune never comes alone, blackheads usually come in groups. But don’t worry, there’s an easy way to get rid of them and keep them off - and it doesn’t include Dr. Pimple Popper. 

What are blackheads anyway?

Before I get into the all-natural solution to blackheads that is taking over the world, let us know the enemy, so you can see why this skincare routine works like a charm against them. 

Blackheads occur when oil and dirt from your pores clog up a hair follicle and turn dark in color, which is why they are also called open comedones. Blackheads got their name because the excess oil turns darker and harder to remove over time because it oxidizes in contact with air. 

Blackheads are often confused with sebaceous filaments, which often look similar and have the same cause, a good ol’ clogged pore. 

Seba- what?

Both blackheads and sebaceous filaments are a result of build-up within pores, but they’re caused by different types of oils that lead to different types of blockages. Sebaceous filaments tend to be lighter in color due to lack of exposure to air.

Though both can be unsightly, there is one major difference between them: not everyone has blackheads, while everyone has sebaceous filaments. Trying to physically extract the latter can only make things worse. But, don’t worry - this skincare routine will make them less visible too!

So, what the hemp, is it?

Your best bet for preventing blackheads is keeping your skin clean, using products containing ingredients to help dissolve oils in pores and have a good routine that will keep your skin healthy and balanced. 

Hey Bud is all that and more. It’s a hemp-based brand from Australia that got the world on fire when people with skin concerns tried their hemp-based clay mask. While clay masks do absorb excess oils, they tend to dry out the skin, but Hey Bud’s secret ingredient was hemp, which does the opposite. By infusing the clay mask with hemp seed oil your skin remains hydrated while the clay deep cleanses. But that’s not the only thing hemp seed oil is good for. 

Hemp seed oil is perfect for most skin types as it can moisturize without clogging your pores. It helps to balance out oily skin, hydrate it and regulate the skin’s oil production. It is rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that balance, calm, heal and nourish the skin, which makes the hemp seed oil a super-ingredient in skincare products.  

Since their start, Hey Bud grew into a full skincare collection, as those who used the face mask asked for more. Their Clear Essentials Bundle is made for banishing skin concerns such as blackheads from your skin. 

It contains 4 products for a flawless skincare routine that’s specifically designed to deeply clean, nourish and moisturize the skin, so that you no longer feel anxious when you go out without makeup. 

4 steps to blackhead-free skin

On a daily basis, there are actually three steps, while the mask gives best-results when you use it two or three times a week. 

Use the Hemp Clay Mask from the bundle to deeply clean the skin, clear and prevent blackheads and reduce visibility of sebaceous filaments. You can also use it as a spot treatment, to get that nasty enemy that is staring back at ya from the mirror. Use the brush to apply it, wait 10 minutes and rinse. 

3 steps to repeat daily are super-simple: 

  • Use the gentle Daily Hemp Gel Cleanser to clean and hydrate your skin and prevent the formation of any new blackheads. It will also fight free radicals and boost collagen, resulting in healthier, glowing skin. 

  • After the cleanser, use the lightweight Hyaluronic Acid + Hemp Serum for luxurious hydration. I bought it for the first time because I read reviews of people who said it is “to die for” and I cannot even put it into words. Now I just get the bundle because I like all the products and I save 25% that way. 

  • Seal the water and all the goodies in with the Hemp Moisturiser and go out there and glow! 

90-day money-back guarantee 

P.S. Although the mask does wonders alone, you’re saving 25% more than buying the individual products in it by getting the Clear Essentials Bundle. Oh, and the delivery to all parts of the planet home 🌏 is FREE!

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