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7 proven ways to keep your from freaking out during winter

7 proven ways to keep your from freaking out during winter

Mornings turn a little crisper and our body clocks are thrown off centre as we snug into our pyjamas a few hours earlier than say, a month ago (yikes). It’s time to welcome the colder months, which of course has many positives (ice-skating anyone?) but can also sometimes wreak havoc on our skin, particularly for those with sensitivities.


Read on to find out how to keep your skin happily hydrated, and protected from the elements, and hang onto that summer glow for a lil longer.


#1 Hold on to the moisture you have and keep your skin hydrated in and out. As hard as it is, try and avoid long hot showers that may dry your skin out and rob it of its own moisture and natural oils. After warm showers or baths, try to use loads of naturally moisturising oils and body lotions on damp skin. Keep up your H20 intake throughout the day and swap out caffeine drinks and alcohol that can dehydrate our skin, to green or herbal teas. Hey Bud tip: when you’re drinking water, hold count for 10 seconds to ensure you’re getting good amounts.


#2 Curl up on the couch with Netflix, a mask, and your choice of hot beverage. What’s better than a night in with your favourite movie and hot chocolate? A don’t-even-know-it’s-there nourishing mask, that does all the hard work while you rest and relax. Choose recovery and moisture packed masks that contain many rich ingredients and are great for moisturising.


#3 Layer up. It’s time to embrace this beauty therapist's trick to salon looking skin. Lock in all that goodness your hard earned money paid for and start from the most fluid consistency to the thickest, massaging in each layer for at least 10 seconds and waiting around 1 minute before you layer your next skin-vestment.


#4 Speaking of layers, invest in a good serum. Nothing feels better on tight, parched or rough skin than a nourishing or hydrating serum. Oils are perfect for everyone and most skin types. They will strengthen your skin barrier and offer an instant glow and plump. By preventing further moisture loss, oils help you stay hydrated longer, which is great for cold weather. Hyaluronic Acid is a must-have anywhere, anytime to boost your skin’s natural moisture reservoirs. How to: on a cleansed face, apply your favourite serum on damp skin, which makes it more receptive to the product following (read: damp skin helps products penetrate better).


#5 Don't forget the SPF, even during winter. Although there are fewer UVB rays around, there's still plenty of UVA rays to do some skin damage. Hey Bud tip: think of the A in UVA as ageing, and the B in UVB as burning.


#6 Moisturise your skin thoroughly, and add an extra 20-30 seconds of facial massage. This is to ensure your skin absorbs the product and you get the blood circulation going, warming up your face. Also, if you feel like you need to re-apply your moisturiser throughout the day, go for it!


#7 If you are prone to sensitive and breakout skin, we know winter can feel particularly harsh. Your skin will become drier (water evaporates from your skin quicker in cold weather) and can become more sensitive with the weather changes, making it more reactive. Treat it kindly, gentle cleansing is in order and try gentle exfoliation once a week. Also, try and not stay too close to central heating as this will dry your skin out even more.


Tweak your routine ever so slightly to notice more comfort in your skin and you will feel glowing for an extra season more!

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