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Filling your cup – our favourite ways to give back to our mind, body and skin

Filling your cup – our favourite ways to give back to our mind, body and skin

Self-care has become the ultimate buzzword of the last 12 months, so we’re not surprised that the idea of it leaves you rushing to buy the most insta-worthy bath bombs and candles! Despite the social media noise, self-care is so much more than a trend but rather the ultimate way to give the world the best version of ourselves.

Whilst it’s never been more talked about, self-care has also never been so important. Our world of hustle and bustle gets exhausting. Whether it be taking a toll on our mind, our body or even our skin, regularly taking moments just for us is how we recharge and replenish our physical and mental wellbeing.

Not sure where to start? Here’s some of our team’s favourites.

Kick it back to basics

There’s a common misconception that self-care needs to be extravagantly planned like a trip to the spa or feature lavish products where in reality, self-care is literally anything that gives you a chance to refuel your mind and body. For some, self-care is taking that extra 30 minutes in the morning to catch a few more zzz’s and enjoy every sip of that coffee. For others, it’s taking a walk-through nature with no expectations of step count or heart rate.

We want you to kick off your self-care journey by writing down all of the little things in life that bring you joy. From pressing play on a podcast, enjoying time in the sunshine to treating yourself to a cheeky weekend brunch, write these moments down and have them readily accessible to you. That way, when you’re in desperate need of some recharging, you can simply choose from your list of self-care favourites! Quick, effective and continually loaded with the things you hold dearest, your self-care list takes the art of filling you cup back to basics for the better.

Your perfect day

What does your perfect day consist of? It may be a day out with your best friend, exploring nature with a packed picnic, an afternoon on the couch with a movie and block of chocolate or even a day trip discovering local hidden gems. Remember, there are no rules of what your perfect day entails because it’s YOUR day!

One of our favourite ways to really fill up your cup (and we mean really fill that thing up) is to go beyond dreaming about your perfect day and actually implement it. When our daily grind is getting a little too much, there’s nothing like switching off and shaking up your surroundings for the day.

Mark a date in your calendar, get the crew together (if that’s part of your day of course) and treat yo’self. This not only gives you something to look forward to leading up to your perfect day but dedicates time to blocking out the noise, even just for a moment, and focussing on what you love most. We guarantee it’ll make such a difference that you’ll want to do it more often!

The life edit

The world is noisy, and we don’t just mean the traffic outside. Each day, glued to our devices, we’re exposed to messages from hundreds upon hundreds of brands, influencers, friends, family and news sites, just to name a few. Sometimes, these messages aren’t always the most positive and overtime, carrying the load of others can significantly impact our mental health. This is where a Life Edit comes into play.

Take a moment to look at who you’re following on social media, the emails you subscribe to and even the people you are friends with on Facebook. Could some of these accounts be contributing to your mental exhaustion? If so, it’s time to unfollow. If the likes of brands, influencers and old acquaintances are no longer serving you online then unfollow, delete or unsubscribe and instantly create more space to breathe. Remember, you have control over who fills up your newsfeeds and if they’re diminishing what’s in your cup then their time with you has expired.

Face mask and chill

We couldn’t write a self-care guide without mention of a face mask, right? Applying a face mask, the most common way of practicing self-care and we can’t say we’re surprised! Simultaneously nourishing your mind, body and your skin, a mini at-home facial featuring your favourite mask is one of those perfect self-care treats that you pick up and practice at any time.

Grab your Hey Bud Bundle to take care of all of your essential at-home facial steps, pop on some Netflix and completely zen out for 30 minutes. Not only will you feel totally relaxed and refreshed on the inside, but your post-Hemp Mask glow lets the world know you filled your own cup too.

How do you give back to yourself? We’d love to know! Inspire others by tagging us in your Hey Bud self-care moments.

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