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Here’s why Aussie beauty bosses can’t get enough of face oils

Here’s why Aussie beauty bosses can’t get enough of face oils

If you still think face oils are only for dry skin, what the hemp are you doing?!

The secret to being glowing and certainly not greasy, face oils lock in the ultra-conditioning benefits of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids in high doses. This means not only will you enjoy the immediate glowing benefits of face oil but the long-term skin saviours too.

New to this cult-status skincare essential? Read on as we share why face oil is the radiant-skin secret behind some of Australia’s favourite beauty bosses.

Face oils work with every skin type (seriously!)

All skin’s produce some level of oil, but the different types determine how much or how little.

Drier skin types do not produce enough oil where oily skin types, like their namesake, overproduce oil. Normal skin types produce the perfect percentage whereas combination skin types take a little from column a and a little from column b.

We get it, it can sound a bit strange to add oil-heavy skincare products to some of these skin types, but it could actually be a gateway to the balance your skin is craving! Face oils sit on the epidermal layer of your skin (the skin’s surface) and work to prevent water loss. This locks in moisture and is how face oils get their reputation for creating juicy, plumping complexions.

Face oils are loaded with essential skin-loving properties

All blends of face oils naturally celebrate three essential skin-loving ingredients – essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Extracted from nuts, seeds, plants and flowers, face oils deliver these three properties better than many other skincare products on the market. So, what makes them so special?

For starters, essentially fatty acids aren’t produced by our body naturally which means we need to find them elsewhere, like our skincare! Essentially fatty acids found in face oils help to maintain your skin’s moisture and improve its overall strength. This makes them perfect for dry and oily skin types who specifically need a boost in balance.

When we’re talking vitamins and minerals, these superstars are all about addressing specific skin concerns such as pigmentation and the signs of ageing whilst repairing and restoring aggravated complexions. Together, these three face oil heroes defend your skin against harmful free radicals whilst providing deep nourishment and moisture.

Like most skincare products, not all face oils are made the same which is why we recommend looking for face oils that feature lightweight oils such as Jojoba, Rosehip, Hemp Seed and Seabuckthorn to ensure you’re treating your skin with the very best. These ingredients, celebrated in our Hemp Face Oil, are loaded with vitamins A, C and E to not only combat the signs of ageing but smooth complexions, address spots, tackle discoloration and deeply hydrate.

Regenerative and revitalising, our Hemp Face Oil gets to work fast to you can start benefiting from its skin restoring benefits sooner.

Face oils play well with others

When applied in the correct order, face oils slot their way into your skincare routine seamlessly. Face oils are occlusives which means they create a physical barrier on the skin that prevents water loss and protects against potential nasties. As a result, it’s important to apply your face oil as the second last step in your skincare routine (SPF being the last step… duh!) to ensure all of your products have the opportunity to work to their strengths.

Applying your face oil after your daily treatment serums, such as Hyaluronic Acid, will ensure you’re getting the most out of both products. If you were to apply it beforehand, your serums wouldn’t be able to make it through the protective layer and treat your skin. That’s why a face oil comes afterwards to seal in the deal. If you needed even more convincing, the instantly glowing complexion that comes with applying your face oil is the cherry on top! Able to be applied even to your foundation for serious glow goals, face oils are the number one skincare product to be adding to your shelf in 2021. A little goes a long way which makes face oil not only an amazing benefit to your skin but your bank account too!

Get started with a face oil designed to transform your skin from day one. Our Hemp Face Oil features 12 expertly chosen oils to deliver glowing results for every skin type.

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