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How to ensure your skincare routine is stepping into Spring

How to ensure your skincare routine is stepping into Spring

It’s finally happened. We’ve farewelled the cold and dreary Winter days to welcome the brighter Spring ones ahead.

Just like us, we’re sure you’re busting to get outside and make the most of the warmer months ahead but is your skincare routine?

During the colder months, you’ve put a large emphasis on ensuring your skin is nourished and protected against the harmful cold elements but as we step into Spring, it’s time to lighten things up and ensure your skin is glowing like the sun is that gorgeous blue sky.

Keep reading to learn 4 simple yet super effective tweaks you should be making to your skincare routine to ensure it blooms all Spring long.

Boost your antioxidants

Antioxidants should play a role in your skincare routine all year round but as we venture outside more often, especially with the beaming sunlight, they should be a daily essential.

Antioxidants are not only an amazing skin rejuvenating ingredient but they’re also incredibly protective. This is thanks to their ability to protect your skin against harmful free radicals by stopping them in their tracks and neutralising them.

When you combine the free radical busting power of antioxidants with SPF protection, you’ve got a serious defending duo on your hands. Applied together as part of your morning routine, you can rest assure that skin aggressors will have a tough time getting through to your skin!

Don't forgo moisturising

During the warmer months, we might think that we don't need a moisturiser since it's no longer cold and dry. Think again!

Whilst you may think it’s time to skip this skincare step all together, we don’t want to give up our moisturiser because the likes of humidity, sweat and sun exposure contribute to dehydration in the skin, and nobody wants that kind of dampen on their Springtime glow.

Instead, one should be keeping up this important step to help the skin to feel light and balanced. Look for moisturisers with ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea and hemp seed oil as this combination will have you covered for essential hydration, antioxidant protection and a skin-strengthening dose of essential fatty acids.

Keep your skin in balance

Spring is all about renewal, including your skin! In the Wintertime, you may have experienced more skin dryness or flakiness thanks to the elements and a slower cell turnover. When it comes to the Spring season and our increased activity, it’s important to ensure we’re regularly renewing our complexion to keep it in balance. This is because our rise in time outside and the change in season itself welcomes more dirt, bacteria and impurities onto our skin that need to be regularly renewed to avoid unwanted breakouts or imbalances.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by applying a weekly treatment to your skin, such as a face mask, to slough away any surface impurities whilst working on the moisture, texture, and oil flow of your skin.

We recommend choosing a clay-based mask as this will promote gentle yet effective detoxification of the skin to ensure that each week, you’re giving your skin a thorough workout before another fun-filled week ahead.

Spring clean your beauty closet

Spring cleaning isn’t limited to your wardrobe or garage but your beauty closet too! Take an opportunity as the new season arrives to Spring clean what’s not working for your skin anymore and take care of any much-loved items that need a Spring glow up themselves.

This includes farewelling expired skincare products, giving your makeup brushes a serious clean, switching to lighter makeup that helps the skin breathe during the warmer months and replacing any of your used Winter skincare with your new Springtime routine. Trust us, your skin will thank you for it!

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