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Skinimalism: The beauty trend EVERYONE can do!

Skinimalism: The beauty trend EVERYONE can do!

Skinimalism - a funny sounding word you might think, but one that’s been seriously making the rounds in the beauty industry this year.

Whether you’ve heard of its abundant presence or not, this 2021 beauty trend is one that’s likely sticking around for the long-term, and for very good reason. A skinimalist routine is the fail-proof way to set your skin up for success, so let’s dig a little deeper to understand how.

Let’s strip it back, baby!

Skinimalism, as the name suggests, is all about minimising your skincare routine as much as possible, stripping both your products and steps right back to the basics.

Skin texture? She can stay. Freckles, we love her. Wrinkles and pimples. We’re embracing you, too! Normalising these natural, beautiful parts of our complexion is at the heart of skinimalism.

It is perhaps not a coincidence that a yearning for simplistic routes is being so loudly redefined given the digital landscape we find ourselves in 24-hours a day.

In a world so infiltrated by blurring Instagram filters, constantly being told we need to “fix our flaws” and photoshopped images everywhere we turn our eyes, it’s no surprise a trend focused on normalising our skin’s natural texture and appearance has become so needed.

Learning to love yourself without all the filters is a forever trend in our opinion, and we are so glad the greater beauty industry is embracing the benefits of it too.

Why Embrace Skinimalism?

Here are four of our favourite reasons why skinimalism is so powerful:

Better for your skin - overloading your skin with a recipe of products can be overwhelming, more often than not causing extra problems that perhaps weren't there before. With two many variables in an overly complicated routine, it makes it impossible to determine which are working, and which just aren't.

The age old saying ‘quality over quantity’ has never been more true, according to dermatologists. When your skin is over-laden with products, it sends a signal to its reservoirs to halt the production of water, lipids and proteins and in turn begins to produce less nutrients on its own (what we call lazy skin).

By adhering to a simplistic routine, your skin will start working with the products you feed it, rather than against them.

Better for the environment - how many times have you gone to declutter your beauty cupboard only to realise half your products have expired? Oops, we’re guilty too.

A skinimalistic routine means less product, less packaging and less waste. Purchasing a small amount of products that provide multiple benefits is a much more sustainable practice than filling your shelves with tubes, jars, and bottles that may not even get to have their time in the spotlight before time is up.

Better for your wallet - It’s not rocket science that buying less means more savings for you. And the best news? By letting your natural skin finally breathe, you’ll probably find yourself buying less makeup too in favour of rocking that #nomakeupglow.

Better for your calendar - ... or your sleep schedule, you know, whichever you prioritise more. Now that you’re not undergoing a 12-step-long morning and evening skincare routine that takes AT LEAST 15 minutes to allow for drying time between products (this isn't even including the facials and devices we all love to book in for too), you’ll be blessed with more time in your day to catch some extra zzz’s in the morning, actually make the train to uni, or arrive 5 minutes early (gasp!) to yoga. Oh the possibilities.

Our Tips on Perfecting your Skinimalist Regimen:

Simplicity is key - we’re talking minimum number of products for maximum benefit to your skin. By focusing on these three elements - cleansing, treating and protecting, you’ll be setting yourself up for the perfect Skinimalist Regimen even Marie Kondo would be envious of!

  1. Something to cleanse the day away - ideally a product that won’t leave your skin feeling tight or stripped bare afterwards. Think: gentle and nourishing products that can dig deep in removing even the toughest waterproof mascara or sunscreens.

  2. Something to bring back the hydration - depending on your skin type, this could be a moisturiser or rich face-oil filled with all the goodness your skin needs to get its glow on.

  3. Something to protect with SPF - be it in its most concentrated form or built into your moisturiser or BB cream, just make sure it’s there.

Doing things better, with less

The best part, everyone can make skinimalism work for them! You don’t need to go stocking up on a million products, spending your hard-earned bucks on formulas with tall promises but small results, while simultaneously finding room in your bathroom cabinet to fit, oh no, yet another impulse purchase. All you need is a small set of core, hard-working products that your skin truly loves. It really is that simple.

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