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I’ve got oily skin. Here’s my routine for a shine-free complexion.

By Naomi Meredith


17 MAR 2023

By Naomi Meredith


17 MAR 2023

Naomi is an independent beauty copywriter and obsessed with all things skincare. Her 2 kids keep her on her toes and the one thing she wishes for is more sleep!

We're all born with a skin type, which is mostly determined by genetic factors, and I was definitely 'blessed' with the oily skin stick. 

Not complaining here, cos I know that oily skin comes with some complexion benefits and yes, you should definitely learn to love the skin you’re in. 

If you’re relaxed about your skin routine like this busy mum of 2 (sometimes feels like 4), but need solutions that work and can keep on a no-brainer rotation, it’s time to meet an utterly efficient oily skincare system. Enter: the Hey Bud Oily Skin Pack. 

It's everything the pack promises. Hydrated skin, a shine-free complexion (yet still dewy, round of applause) easily absorbed ingredients and completely good-for-your-skin formulas. 

 Sometimes I feel like each of the products in here is some sort of oily skin hack. All four of them! This is as simple as this routine gets.  

And you know what? Every time I may *skip* out on my routine or forget to cleanse my face that morning (not often, I promise!), I definitely feel it more. 

Let me help guide you down the path towards shine-free skin with each of the products and why I love them!

1. Daily Hemp Gel Cleanser

What: daily hemp gel cleanser

When and how: I like to use this cleanser both in the morning and evening as my first steps. I tend to get super shiny around my nose in the mornings and I pay a little extra attention here. 

My daily hemp gel cleanser review: My skin feels so clean afterwards! This one is my non-negotiable product because it cleanses my skin without removing essential moisture, as well as never stinging the eyes. It’s light and slightly foaming, but doesn’t strip the skin. Big tick of approval and gentle enough that my teenage niece can easily use it as well. 

2. 5% Hyaluronic Acid + Hemp Serum

What: 5% hyaluronic acid + hemp serum

When and how: I pop this one on straight after cleansing and pat it into my skin, particularly in the mornings if I know I’m going to have a big day, and may only be likely to muster a basic cleanse later that evening. You know those evenings when you are too tired to even scroll…? Yup, those ones. So that way, I know my skin will be plump and hydrated for the entire day and it's getting much-needed hyaluronic acid.  

My hyaluronic acid + hemp serum review: This feels like my skin is being quenched in real-time. When I hydrate my complexion it helps balance out the oil, so my makeup applies better. I’m a big fan of hyaluronic acid because it plumps up and hydrates skin, and remember: hydration is different from moisturising. 

3. Hemp Clay Mask

What: hemp clay mask

When and how: Once a week, when the kids are in bed and I’m facing two, possibly three hours of uninterrupted time to Netflix, read a book or finish the laundry (in order of preference). It comes with a handy brush and there is no other sensation like the one of painting this cooling mask on your face. Bathroom or day spa?

My hemp clay mask review: I pop on this mask and let it do its thing. That ‘thing’ is a deep detox from ingredients like Bentonite and Kaolin Clay, which becomes noticeable on my skin almost immediately after washing off. If my jawline is freaking out on a particular week, I’ll even pop it on just that area. This mask is so calming and gives the skin this really nice plump, bouncy feeling. Bonus: it smells like springtime in a tub! 

4. Gel Moisturiser

What: gel moisturiser

When and how: Once a day, in the morning before the big rush, and in the evenings after cleansing. I find it makes for excellent prep before foundation as my skin looks smoother once it’s settled in. And for someone on the go as much as me, this one absorbs in record time.  

My hemp gel moisturiser review: With ingredients like hemp seed oil, Aloe vera, cucumber extract and Green tea, this is my go to oil-free moisturiser during the warmer months. Not only does it dry matte and feel lightweight on the skin, but it’s also fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and will help with water loss (oily skin people need hydration as much as dry skin peeps). 

Final Thoughts...

The right skincare routine can make all the difference for oily skin (same goes for dry skin). Think skincare that's nourishing and hydrating, but not too heavy, as well as products that actually do control extra oil. Crucial factors that make an ideal oily skincare routine are oil-free, silicone-free, refreshing gel formulas and mattifying masks to clarify and hydrate oily skin – without the weigh down.

Luckily Hey Bud has created a super simple 3-step daily routine with a weekly mask that can do all the hard work, even on the busiest of your days. 

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