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The effective alternative 

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routine for glowing skin

For thousands of years, Korea has been known for its beautiful complexions and healthy skincare techniques. 

Today, Korean beauty companies are household names around the world, but there’s a new skincare trend that is a great alternative to the lengthy and pricey routines needed to maintain glowing skin with Korean skincare. 

Korean skincare standards

In most Western countries, skincare is just considered part of your daily routine. In Korea, however, it’s almost treated like a religion, not just because Koreans believe in the importance of skincare but also because they have a rich history of experiencing its benefits firsthand. 

An oft-forgotten Asian country, South Korea has been building its reputation as the leader in innovative beauty and skincare since the last century, but it’s only recently that Westerners have started to take notice. 

More than just makeup and skincare products, Korean skincare encompasses a holistic lifestyle philosophy focused on health, happiness, and good looks. 

A short history of Korean skincare

The first signs of skincare products in Korea are found on pottery, including face creams made from sheep milk. Even further back in time, though, mummified remains show signs of great skin quality thanks to regular bathings in natural hot springs. This early interest in skincare can be seen today with the popularity of spas and bathhouses all over Korea. The origins of Korean beauty as we know it today, often called K-Beauty, developed during the time of the Three Kingdoms. 

Ancient Koreans believed that a beautiful complexion was the ultimate mark of health and beauty. 

From the Goryeo dynasty through to the Joseon dynasty, the aristocracy wore complex facial makeup, inspired by the clothing worn by royalty. Skin in that time was seen as a reflection of social status, with those from the upper classes taking extra steps to protect and preserve their skin. 

Women's faces were painted white like porcelain, while men wore blush tones. 

The Goryeo era saw special emphasis placed upon skincare, primarily for its medicinal purposes: Chinese medicines popular during that time period also functioned as skincare products.

10-step Korean skincare routine

The famous 10-step Korean skincare routine was first recorded in 1978 when South Korea opened its doors to Western products and ideas. Until then, South Koreans had relied on homegrown remedies and beauty treatments like jade masks. As Seoul modernized and Western brands flooded in, South Koreans began adopting a trendier approach to skincare; they quickly realized that face washing and moisturizing just wasn’t enough. Soon after, companies started using models with perfectly white faces as part of their ad campaigns, which signalled that people should aim for clear, poreless skin even at an early ag

The 10-step Korean skincare routine has gained huge popularity in recent years thanks to K-pop bands like Girls Generation, and BTS. While different brands, countries, and parts of Asia all have their own skincare philosophies, most people who live in Korea or are part of a large Korean community will follow a 10-step routine that gets them closer to glowing skin than anything else. The 10 steps include: 

The focus of the 10-step skincare routine is on skin health, hydration and glow, popularly known as “glass skin”, which is favoured by Koreans, rather than heavy makeup. 

The controversies and inconvenience of the 10-step skincare routine

The expansion of K-Beauty led to rigid and unrealistic standards of beauty in South Korea, especially among young people. Inspired by the #MeToo movement, a group of Korean women created the “Escape the Corset” movement, to rebel against the rough beauty standards, which are best represented by the fact that South Korea has the highest rate of cosmetic surgery per capita in the world. South Korea is also the top destination for “nip & tuck tourism”. 

On another note, the 10-step skincare routine is a good way to pamper yourself and your skin, but it can be pricey and sometimes you might feel like you’re just going through motions. Plus, the modern way of life often doesn’t give us the luxury of taking time to do it. But if you’re thinking that this means that “glass skin” may be out of your reach if you’re among the busy mortals, don’t give up just yet. There’s a new skincare routine that promises just that - clear, healthy and glowing skin and it’s taking over the world. 

Why skincare is essential in Australia

The popularity of Australian skincare has increased in recent years because of its use of more natural ingredients than other types of skincare, and focus on improving skin health. In Australia, like much of the Northern Hemisphere, sun damage is one of the biggest skin concerns—and with good reason. Australia gets some of the highest UV levels in the world, making regular, natural skincare a necessity. The Australian sun protection routine isn’t just about shielding from skin cancer; it’s also about blocking free radicals that deplete collagen and elastin and damage the skin barrier.  

The importance of skin barrier for healthy, glowing skin

The skin barrier comprises dead skin cells and sebum. This layer forms a barrier that prevents water loss and protects your internal organs from germs. The quality of your skin barrier plays a significant role in how healthy your skin looks. A well-functioning barrier helps retain moisture and keep harmful bacteria at bay—allowing you to enjoy supple, glowing skin! A damaged or unhealthy barrier, on the other hand, loses moisture easily and allows bacteria to thrive—resulting in lackluster appearance. Ensuring that your skin remains in tip-top shape doesn’t have to be hard - and with Hey Bud, that’s especially easy.   

What is Hey Bud? 

Hey Bud is a skincare brand from Australia that got the world on fire when people with skin concerns tried their clay mask infused with hemp-seed oil. While clay masks do absorb excess oils, they also tend to dry out the skin, but Hey Bud’s secret natural ingredient does exactly the opposite. 

By infusing the clay mask with hemp seed oil, the skin remains hydrated while the two types of clay do a deep cleanse. But the Hey Bud palette of products offers so much more.

Once Hey Bud tapped into the secret of healthy, glowing skin, they had no choice but to satisfy the demands of their customers and broaden the offer. 

In just two years, Hey Bud has grown to be not just the Australian number one hemp-based skincare brand, but also one of the globally recognized “clean brands”.

Their list of ingredients includes plant-based goodies for the skin such as aloe vera, green tea and grapefruit extracts and a plethora of antioxidants and precious oils (hemp seed, Marula, Camelia, Tamanu, etc.). As if by magic, judging by the customer’s reviews, the whole skincare line works to improve every skin type and condition. 

You can choose bundles (read: skincare routine) with less or more steps, depending on your skin’s needs and time you want to invest in your skincare routine. 

Also, Hey Bud “rescue” bundles do wonders with skin concerns such as acne, blackheads, dry or oily skin, etc. 

Is Hey Bud the right choice?

Hey Bud serums are a must-try - even if you already have your favorite. They’re lightweight and leave a heavenly feeling on the skin. If you’re satisfied with your skincare routine, Hey Bud products can be added as an alternative. If you’re looking for something new, then this is your sign, because it’s where skincare is going in the future - to natural, sustainable, plant-based products that only work to improve the state of your skin.

Hey Bud products are vegan, cruelty-free and suitable for sensitive skin because they’re 100% free of silicons, parabens and other nasties. On top of that, Hey Bud products are made for every skin type, regardless of gender and age. 

If you’re still making up your mind, we’d like to add that Hey Bud has a 90-Day Money-Back guarantee (word!), plus, the shipping is free to all parts of Planet Home. 

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