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Product Development: Our 6-Step Process

Product Development: Our 6-Step Process

At Hey Bud, our New Product Development team, driven by an unwavering passion for skincare innovation, has perfected a 6-step development process that consistently delivers high-standard, award-winning skincare.

We'll take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of our development process, revealing how we create products that cater to your unique needs and contribute to your skin's well-being.


Step 1: Research - Listening to Our Community

Before we dive into crafting groundbreaking skincare solutions, we begin with research. Our community of over 155,000 skincare enthusiasts is the heart of creating any product. Here's how we tap into their wisdom:

  • Weekly one-on-one conversations: We love a good chat! We have regular, personal dialogues with our customers to understand their unique skincare concerns, preferences, and experiences.
  • Quarterly customer surveys: We cast a wider net and gather feedback through conducting surveys, helping us spot trends and emerging skincare issues.
  • Post-purchase feedback: Your opinion matters! We encourage every customer to provide feedback after using our products, which helps us fine-tune our range.
  • Hey Bud Facebook VIP’s: Our VIP community on Facebook is a treasure trove of insights. We have lively conversations with these VIPs to get real-time feedback and a deeper understanding of what our customers need.

By involving our community in the research phase, we ensure that our products tackle real skincare concerns and deliver tangible benefits.



Hey Bud Facebook VIP Page

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Step 2: Sourcing - Nature's Finest and Cutting-Edge Ingredients

Once we've gathered insights, our spotlight shifts to sourcing the best ingredients. We keep a vigilant eye on global skincare trends and innovations to ensure our products are at the forefront. We also pay close attention to market demands, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve by providing products that precisely meet the needs of our diverse customer base. Additionally, we constantly monitor reports on the latest innovations in skincare ingredients. This helps us to include the most effective and advanced components into our formulations.


But that's not all; we're all about the goodness of nature. We prioritise naturally sourced ingredients where required, ensuring our skincare is not just effective but also gentle on your skin. Throughout this meticulous process, we also place special emphasis on the exceptional properties of Hemp Seed Oil (of course, it's in our name!), exploring how new innovations can complement this unique ingredient and be seamlessly integrated into our formulations to deliver maximum benefits to your skin. 


Our big goal? Creating a complete skincare routines where every product has a specific purpose and plays well with the others in our range. And here's a fun fact: our diverse product range is designed to cater to a wide spectrum of skin types, concerns, and ages (not just acne-prone skin!). So, everyone gets to join in and discover the perfect skincare solution tailored to their unique needs.


Product Development Sampling and Testing Hey Bud


Step 3: Sampling - Tried and Tested

This is why we subject our formulations to rigorous testing because we want every product to be top-notch. Our internal teams, comprised of experts in various skincare fields (and occasionally, even some adorable four-legged employees), thoroughly assess our products, offering invaluable feedback that fuels our ongoing improvement efforts. And here's where it gets interesting; we also involve you, our community and customers, in the sampling and testing phases! We value your real-world experiences and feedback because it helps us make precise adjustments.


Sampling Hey Bud

Step 4: Quality Control - Stability and Ingredient Integrity

Quality control is something we don’t take lightly. We conduct stability tests to make sure our products stay effective over time while meticulously scrutinising each ingredient for safety and efficacy. This dedication to quality guarantees that every product we create consistently meets our high standards.


Step 5: Production - Crafting with Care

Now, let's dive into the heart of the action: production, where the magic truly unfolds. Our cute green vessels are now at the stage to be lovingly filled by our skilled Australian factories. Local production lies at the core of our unwavering dedication to quality, but also our commitment to the local manufacturing industry and also sustainability. It's about more than just filling containers; it's about entrusting our products to skilled hands who understand the importance of precision and care in the production of skincare.


Every step of the way, from formulation to production, we ensure that each product is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Why? Because this is where our dream turns into your reality, and we serve up skincare that's not just top-notch but also embodies our deep commitment to your skin's healthWhen it finally lands in your hands, it's like holding a little piece of quality that proudly shouts, "I'm from Hey Bud!"


Production Hey Bud

Gentle Jane - Hemp Exfoliator in production, ready for it's 2023 launch... and a little sneak peek of upcoming products. 


Step 6: Delivery - Bringing Skincare to You

And finally, the grand finale is all about you: our community and customers. We're passionate about Hemp Seed Oil and what we create, and we love to bring our products to you in the most informative and fun way possible. We don’t just to deliver skincare products; we also want to be your trusted source of skincare knowledge and entertainment. Either through informative content via email, engaging videos on TikTok, interactive posts on Facebook VIP page, or various social media platforms, we're there always engaging and creating an experience for you (of course, with a pun or two thrown into the mix). Our mission is to provide skincare solutions that genuinely impact your life, helping you achieve healthier, more radiant skin while making every step of the journey a enjoyable experience.


Hey Bud Social Entertainment


So, there you have it—our 6-step development process isn't just about skincare; it's about crafting solutions that directly address real skincare concerns and provide noticeable results. We're dedicated to offering you the best of both nature and science, all while remaining firmly rooted in our Australian heritage and our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. We invite you to join us on this skincare journey, where together, we can make a real difference in the way you care for your skin.


We are real people, developing skincare for real skin.

Thank you for joining us along the ride, and inspiring us with your results.


Hey Bud Skincare


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