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Your most frequently asked skincare questions answered

Your most frequently asked skincare questions answered

We get it. Skincare can feel totally overwhelming and complicated. From trend talk, ingredient insights, products, buzzwords, let alone the order you apply them all in, it’s no wonder you’re left feeling frazzled! Thankfully, our experts have come to the table with your most frequently asked skincare questions and their super easy to understand answers, let’s go!

How do you know what skin type you are?

Understanding your skin type is an amazing first step to taking control of your complexion and ensuring you’re using the right products. The main skin types are normal, dry, oily and combination.

If your skin is considered dry, you may experience sensitivity and flakiness, in particular around your cheek and forehead area. Oily skin on the other hand will feel shiny all over and their pores much more visible than other skin types. Combination is a mixture of both dry and oily with the t-zone region looking shiny but cheeks on the flakier side.

Normal skin types are often well balanced and don’t have a whole lot of concerns going on. This doesn’t mean they can avoid looking after their skin though! All skin types can be effectively managed and kept under control with a diligent skincare routine.

What order do I apply my skincare?

Great question! This is going to depend on your AM or PM routine and of course, the products you’re using. The general rule of thumb is to apply your products from thinnest to thickest in texture. This ensures each product can work as hard as possible for your skin.

For us, this means following our cleanse and Hemp Clay Mask treatment with any facial mists, targeted serums, our Facial MoisturiserHemp Face Oil,  and finishing with SPF (when applying your AM routine).

It's cloudy outside. Why do I still have to wear sunscreen?

Because you love your skin, that’s why! The weather outside doesn’t dictate the impact of UV rays on our skin which is why rain, hail and shine, you must be applying sunscreen to your face and body. The last step of your morning skincare routine, sunscreen is a seamless insurance policy against the short-and long-term effects of the sun such as premature ageing, unwanted pigmentation, sunspots and skin cancer.

I have oily skin. Should I be avoiding face oils and creams?

It sounds counterproductive but your skin may actually LOVE if you added a face oil and moisturiser to your skincare routine. It all comes down to finding ingredients that work with your skin, not against it. Oily skin is lacking some serious hydration. As a result, it’s started to freak out and overproduce oil to compensate for it.

Face oils and moisturisers that are rich in nourishing fatty acids such as Hemp Seed Oil, Jojoba, Marula Oil and Grapeseed Oil are very different to the oils your skin is producing and can actually work to bring balance to the skin. Incredibly hydrating, lightweight and non-comedogenic, our Hemp Face Oil and HempFacial Moisturiser can help slow down the overproduction of oil and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day to take control of the shine.

What kind of acne treatment works for adults?

Many people think the secret to combatting adult acne is to dry out the lesions where in reality, this can cause even more irritation and inflammation! We turn to powerhouse blemish busters like Kaolin Clay, Avocado Oil and antioxidants to target adult acne right at the source.

Our Hemp Clay Mask addresses breakouts within the pores themselves, rather than just taking care of what’s on the surface. Gently drawing out impurities, blackheads and congestion, this 15-minute treatment brings moisture back into the skin to help regulate oil production, soothes the irritation that comes with acne and gently regenerates for a smoother and brighter complexion. It means we can work towards long-term skin clearing instead of just another band-aid approach! We hope our skincare chat has brought you some clarity. If you don’t see your question answered today, we’d love to hear from you! Slide into our Instagram DM’s or send us through an email. All Hey Bud products recommended by our experts are available online now.

4 thoughts on “Your most frequently asked skincare questions answered

  1. avatar Shirley Peake says:

    I was happy when your package arrived and keen to get started. The look of the contianers is very attractive BUT, even wearing my glasses, I was unable to read the information as the writing is so small and does not stand out on the green. My husband even had great difficulty reading, using a magnifying glass. Surely I am not the only person to experience this, a very important piece of information. Sorry to be the bearer of “bad news”.

  2. avatar Rita says:

    Love to try this product. But will it help with pores. Thank you kindly

  3. avatar Rita says:

    Love to try this product. But will it help with pores. Thank you kindly

  4. avatar Rita says:

    Love to try this product. But will it help with pores. Thank you kindly

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