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Has Winter got your skin feeling a little worse for wear? We’ve got you

Has Winter got your skin feeling a little worse for wear? We’ve got you

Winter has well and truly kicked in and whilst our minds are dreaming of an island vacay, our skin is very much aware of the blustery days and cold nights.

Seasonal changes across the board can play havoc with our skin, especially when we’re talking about the transition from hot to cold. This is why changing up a few products in your routine each season is the number one thing you can do to support healthy, glowing skin all year round.

Today, we’ll be sharing a few expert tips and tricks for shaking up your Winter skincare routine and the products to add to your shelf.

Look at the kind of cleanser you’re using

When you grab a cleanser each night, what’s its consistency like? The likes of foaming cleansers can be drying on the skin, particularly during these cooler months which is why switching to an oil-based gives your skin a whole lot of nourishment.

During Winter, our skin is already feeling drier than normal, so we don’t want to exacerbate that even more with a skin-stripping cleanser. Oil-based cleansers work to soothe and hydrate thanks to their increased levels of emollients. They keep your skin in balance and simultaneously replenish your complexion as it removes your daily face. Rather than a lather, oil-based cleaners melt away makeup, dirt and debris without clogging the pores or stripping the skin.

Find a moisturiser that does it all

Let’s be real, we’re all cranking up the heat on our air cons, fires and showers right now to warm up but unfortunately all of these Wintery comforts are taking away essential hydration and moisture from the skin.

Take a moment to think about your Winter moisturiser as your seasonal ski gear or a big woollen scarf. They protect you from the freezing temperatures and lock in the comfort, right? That’s the role of your Winter moisturiser. They’re here to work in synergy with the rest of your skincare routine to lock in hydration and prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated or irritated.

This is particularly important if you’re prone to sensitivity, redness or flakiness during these colder months which isn’t uncommon due to the increased icy cold wind on our skin.

Our Hemp Moisturiser is loved all year round, especially in Winter, thanks to its combination of nourishing fatty acids, anti-inflammatories and protective antioxidants. Applied day and night, this moisturiser not only delivers essential hydration but deeply locks in skin moisture. Now, you might be thinking “hey, aren’t those the same thing?” and the answer might surprise you but, no, they’re not!

To put it simply, hydration means water and moisture means oil. Two essential parts of optimal skin health that can become depleted during the colder months. Our Hemp Moisturiser is your saving grace by working both on the surface to hydrate and beneath the surface to moisturise.

Paired with the likes of Green Tea to reduce redness and inflammation, Aloe Vera to deeply soothe and an abundance of amazing oils to restore radiance, we think you’ve found your total skincare soulmate in this moisturiser.

A love letter to Clay Masks

Have you found that your skin is breaking out a little more during these colder months? This is common during drier conditions as this is the time your skin will likely produce more oil to compensate. As a result, more congestion and breakouts pop up on the skin. These temperatures can also set off inflammation which creates a vicious cycle for acne sufferers.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to get your mask on. If things are getting really out of control, turn to our Hemp Clay Mask 2-3 times per week. If its dryness you’re wanting to combat, a treat 1-2 times per week is sufficient.

We choose Kaolin Clay in our Hemp Clay Mask as its very light and gentle on the skin. It gentle draws out impurities within the pores, to support clearer and brighter looking skin. If you’re worried about a clay mask irritating your skin, never fear as Kaolin Clay is a natural soother! It is actually celebrated for its ability to ease inflammation, redness and irritation whilst being kind to all skin types.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Hey Bud mask without Hemp Seed and whilst you’re taking your essential clay mask selfie (hey, why not tag us on Insta?), our hero ingredient is giving your skin a serious drink of nourishment. Thanks to its high levels of omegas, Vitamin A and Vitamin E, Hemp gets to work on replenishing the skin with much needed moisture and addressing textural irregularities without contributing to your breakouts.

Who said your skin couldn’t glow in Winter? Not us!

Face oil is one of those skincare products that once you introduce it into your routine, you’ll never, ever let it go. Loaded with essential nourishment, protection and repairing properties, the right face oil can seriously add a glow to your complexion like never before.

In Winter, introducing a face oil is a seamless way of delivering daily replenishment and repair to the skin which is why we recommend adding our Hemp Face Oil into your day and night skincare routine.

Working with your skin, not against it, our Hemp Face Oil delivers a powerful source of Omegas to stimulate repair and growth in the skin. We celebrate natural sources of Vitamin C for skin brightening, Vitamin E for protection and liquid gold heroes like Hemp Seed and Jojoba Oil to deliver a supercharged recipe for glowing, calm and stronger looking skin.

This lightweight yet powerful oil is perfect following your weekly face mask treatment to maximise your freshly refined pores and give your skin a glorious drink of nourishment.

So, ready to give your skin a Winter reboot? Jump onto our website and shop our skincare bundles.

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