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Skincare is important for guys too

Skincare is important for guys too

CALLING ALL GUYS! We’re here with a very important PSA: YES! Guys need a skincare routine too and Hey Bud can help! Let’s get that one more time, a little louder for those at the back - YES, Hey Bud is for guys too!

And hey, just because guys have a bit more facial hair than their female counterparts, men too have a face - a face that people can see and that suffers the same skincare woes and troubles as women. Everything from acne, sensitive skin, excess oils to razor burn can all be tackled with a few smart skincare practices, courtesy of Hey Bud.

The key is simplicity. No muss, no fuss, just good, products that actually work (we see you hemp seed oil). So, read on to get down to business on the 4 key steps every men’s skincare routine would benefit from looking like. And if you’re a gal reading this, share on the knowledge with your male loved one to pass on the skincare wisdom - their future skin will thank you!

Masking is No.1

Boys, ditch the bar of soap. We’re serious, ditch it now - this does not belong on your face. While some bars of soap can be good for facial skin, most are jammed with skin-stripping ingredients that will rid your skin of its natural oils, drying it out and causing irritation. It’s pretty simple - opt for a cleanser that is made from natural oils that are fundamental in skin health, Hemp being our #1 ingredient of choice for all of the above (obviously).

So, our rec for the perfect cleanser? Grab our Australian Hemp Clay Mask, a cleanser powered with the magic of hemp seed oil. It will improve your skin's moisture while deeply cleansing it (and you know, helps to reduce acne, scarring and blackheads in the meantime).


Moisturise Daily (twice if you’re feeling extra nice)

The importance of a daily moisturiser should never be underestimated (boys, are you still listening!). Men’s skincare is often about prevention, but of course, to also retain vibrant, healthy skin. Such as, we recommend going in with your moisturiser once in the morning, and once at night before bed.

Look no further than our Hemp Seed Oil Facial Moisturiser, made right here in Australia. Packed with a powerhouse of botanical ingredients that nourish and hydrate skin, this moisturiser will be the star player in your skincare routine. Gently massage a pearl-sized amount onto your face, and a tip for men who are cleanly shaven, don’t forget to bring the product down your neck as this is one of the first places wrinkles begin forming.


Stick to a Routine - Consistency is King!

Your skin loves consistency just as much as you do, so try sticking to a straightforward routine that you enjoy, remembering that patience is key for long-term results.

Your skin is constantly shedding its outer layer to make way for the newer skin cells underneath, causing you to lose millions of dead skin cells every day! Although slightly gross to think about all this dead skin (we know), this is why it’s so important to keep your routine consistent - using constant products fuelled by the powers of Hemp will help maintain your skin’s radiance as it routinely sheds, so you can always feel your best.

To make life easier, we recommend the Hey Bud Bundle so you can be stocked up with everything you’d need for a consistent routine, all in one essentials pack designed to suit every skin type.


Masking is much better when you have someone to share the fun with

We all know how amazing clay masks are for your skin, but did you know a) they’re even better when combined with nature’s most perfectly balanced oil - Hemp Seed Oil, and b) they’re way more fun with a buddy.

So whether it’s with your bestie or your boo, we highly suggest choosing our Bestie Pack, a pro-tip that comes just in time with Valentine’s Day around the corner! This Hemp Clay Mask will help regulate oil for both dry AND oily skin types, as well as fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Plus, you know what they say... couples who mask together stay together!

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