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Why problematic skin shouldn’t have to hide from results-driven skincare

Why problematic skin shouldn’t have to hide from results-driven skincare

From painful breakouts to inflammation or sensitivity, problematic skin comes in so many different forms and can be incredibly frustrating to deal with, let alone treat. In fact, we were born out of frustration for not being able to find products that delivered on their promise. There were countless brands promising to deliver results for problematic skin types but time and time again, they caused more harm than good. That’s where we come in.

Ensuring every ingredient does what it is *actually* meant to do, our products have become a saving grace for so many, giving them the opportunity to have results-driven skincare on their shelf. The best part? They deliver incredible results too!

Who said we couldn’t enjoy the benefits of glowing skin results just because of tricky skin? Not us! Here’s how we’re changing the game for problematic skins with incredible products that achieve addictive results.

We keep it real

Real stories, real research and real results. Managing problematic skin isn’t just about the products we have stocked in our cupboard but the way we feel inside our head and our heart. That’s why you’ll always find helpful tips and tricks on our blog to support your skin journey.

We believe that the role of mental wellbeing and self-care when navigating our skin health is so crucial. Our skin totally knows when we’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed and more often than not, will show us in the form of breakouts and inflammation. We’re so passionate about sharing self-care routines, at-home facials and amazing lifestyle tips as well as our products. We want you to know that you can reach for our skincare not just to support your skin but your self-care routine too.

Treating the skin, especially the likes of breakouts, is totally not a one size fits all approach with each and every one of our Hemp Lovers having their own individual stories and journeys. That’s why we keep it real when sharing before and after results, reviews and stories of our customers.

We know that the result of clearer, calmer and happier skin isn’t just about how you look infront of the mirror but how you feel too. We share these stories to give those just beginning their Hey Bud journey the motivation and inspiration to keep going, push through the hard days and know that the skin they’ve always dreamt of is totally possible.

We choose ingredients that work with your skin, not against it

Acne-prone skin, we hear you! We are SO over products that contain skin-stripping and barrier-impairing ingredients. We’ve chosen all-star natural ingredients over harmful chemicals and our results prove we’ve done a good job.

In your Hey Bud products, you’ll find your new best buds. Exceptional, skin-transforming ingredients such as Hemp Seed, Green Tea, Kakadu Plum, Jojoba Oil and Kaolin Clay feature in our product line-up to bring balance, hydration, protection and healing to your skin without any consequences.

Our products were created with skin like yours at the forefront. With a focus drawing out impurities whilst calming, soothing and replenishing, we know how problematic skin works and we make it our priority to ensure our products work with your skin, not against it.

Are formulations are exclusively natural, vegan-friendly and organic wherever possible. Never stripping, drying or starving your skin of moisture, we think it’s time you stopped looking for the answer to your skin woes and found your BFF, best bud forever.

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