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Your Daily Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin

Your Daily Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin

With so much to do in your day, sometimes your skincare routine is what gets left behind. Shunted to the back when ‘life’ gets too much. Too busy, too stressful. But did you know, sticking to a consistent daily skincare routine will mean you can continue to reap in the benefits both for your stress and your skin?

Giving your skin a helping hand with the steps below will mean you have more time to focus on all the other stuff, while your skin works its magic in the background. So, no matter how tired you are this week, we encourage you to try make space for these small but sure tips to bring some added light (and glow) to your face. Maybe even a smile too.

Get Day Ready in the A.M.

‘SPF and then the rest’ is our motto now and every day. You can give your skin all the best treatments and masks at home, but if you’re exposing your skin to the sun’s harsh UV rays without protection while you’re out, all your efforts, my dear, are counter productive. Apply a sure layer of our hero ingredient sunscreen under your skincare, and then follow on with the rest of your face if you’re putting on makeup. Don’t fret if your moisturiser or foundation has SPF in it too - you should still go in with a proper sunscreen first to ensure true protection. One more thing! Don’t forget to bring your SPF down to your neck and decolletage, your skin is prone to ageing in these areas first!

A bottle of water beside you. All day.

You hear it from everyone, but don’t let the repetitiveness of this advice take away from its sageness. It’s a prize-winning tip for a reason! Staying hydrated throughout your entire day is integral to the function of your blood flow and energy levels, with skin being one of the fundamental organs that benefits from hydration. But! Keep in mind, water doesn't reach the surface of your skin until it’s served your major organs first (think your heart, brain and kidneys).

So, drinking one glass and being done with it ain’t the way to do it! Make sure you’re refilling your bottle multiple times throughout your day (yes, that’s more than one!) to ensure you’re drinking enough to see benefits reach your complexion. If that means buying one of those water bottles that has the time of day markings to track your water intake, then you bet we say GO FOR IT.

More moisture is a must

So you’ve cleansed and prepped your skin while sipping on some trusty H2O, what next? While you’re hydrating your skin from within, an extra hydration boost for the outside won’t hurt too. Allow your skin to soak in an initial hydrate from our Organic Hemp Moisturiser, made from nourishing oils, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants to soften and nourish your face.

Follow up with our Australian Hemp Face Oil for an instant glow. You heard it here first, this will be the easiest combo to fake a good night’s sleep and that ‘just got back from a facial’ look that will have everyone fooled. A #pieceofcake, you can thank us later.

Pay extra care to the eyes

We know the eyes are the window to the soul, but how exactly can we care for the delicate skin around this area as well as we care for pimples and spot treatments? As we know, the skin under our eyes is, well, kinda unique. Eye-area skin has less collagen and oil glands than the rest of your face, making it exceptionally prone to wrinkles, fine lines and dryness. As such, you need a moisturiser that can penetrate the area to deliver the hydration it craves, but also one that doesn't contain a concentration of active ingredients such as retinoids that will be too intense for under-eye skin.

“But retinol is amazing for eye creams!” you may ask. Yes, you are half-right! While retinoids can of course be great in eye creams, the concentration needs to be at a lower level than what is in your face cream, which is why many people fork out big dollars on expensive creams to try fulfil both purposes. Our Organic Hemp Moisturiser is the perfect answer - with hydrating hemp seed oil to balance and quench the skin instead of retinoids that can be harsh and not suited to all skin types, this moisturiser contains the perfect strength of active botanicals that will allow both your face skin AND under-eye skin to gloriously glow. Ahhh, a sigh of relief!

Wind down with a mask in the P.M.

Alas, zen time is finally here. We hope you're still drinking your water (you thought we’d forget). What better way to wind down than with a soothing face mask that will have your skin praising the heavens above. No routine is complete without one. If you haven't tried the nourishing benefits of hemp seed oil yet, we recommend starting without our Hemp Clay Mask as your first point of contact. Our number one reviewed product, the thousands of positive reviews for this magic mask speak for themselves. We know your skin will love it too, and it might just be the missing piece to your perfect skincare routine.

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