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Your New BBF (best bud forever) is waiting for you

Your New BBF (best bud forever) is waiting for you

When was the last time you reviewed your skincare routine? Is it still helping you achieve those glowing skin goals? It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with the skin lovin’ benefits of Hemp Seed Oil but what might surprise you is just how MANY benefits there truly is from this single ingredient.

Known as nature’s perfectly balanced oil, Hemp Seed Oil is packed with many essential nutrients that our skin craves. A strengthener, hydrator, healer and rejuvenator, Hemp Seed Oil isn’t just another trendy skincare formulation. It’s a game changer for so many skin types and conditions.

If your skincare routine is in need of a glow up, it’s time to read on and discover why Hemp Seed Oil is the new BBF (best bud forever) that you’ve been searching for.

Locks in lusciousness

When it comes to long lasting hydration, Hemp Seed Oil takes the cake. A humectant, which is science speak for that it pulls moisture towards the skin, Hemp Seed Oil works hard to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

You’ve heard of essential fatty acids, but did you know that our body cannot actually produce these themselves? Through what we eat, supplements we take and the skincare choices we make, it’s up to us to nourish our skin with these ultra-nourishing properties.

Packed with an impressive level of Omega 3, 6 and 9, Hemp Seed Oil serves as the building blocks to achieving stronger and smoother skin. Strengthening your skin’s barrier to help it retain its moisture, Hemp Seed Oil says #thankyounext to dryness and dehydration and hello to luscious looking skin.

Chills out angry skin

We get it. Breakouts, redness and sensitivity is such a drainer.

For many that suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and acne, it isn’t just the condition itself that gets you down but the symptoms that rear their head like itchiness, skin texture and soreness.

Those same essential fatty acids that help us lock in hydration are also your saving grace to soothing irritated skin. The abundance of omegas within this single ingredient provides serious ease to these inflamed areas. We can’t wait for you to experience the sigh of relief as the itching and irritation in your area of concern starts to diminish with the application of Hemp Seed Oil.

Working not only on the symptoms but the condition itself, these anti-inflammatory agents start to regenerate the skin by supercharging cell production.

No pore clogging from us, babe

For our acne sufferers, the idea of adding extra oils to the skin can seem daunting. Fear not beauty, Hemp Seed Oil is non-comedogenic which means it does not contain ingredients that are known for blocking pores. In fact, Hemp Seed Oil is able to balance out oil production by simultaneously hydrating the skin whilst regulating oil flow.

Not all acne conditions are created the same. In some cases, overproduction of oil is caused when the skin is ultra-dry and thirsty. That’s where we come in. A star performer when it comes to hydration, Hemp Seed Oils works hard to replenish your skin’s moisture levels and!

Quenching your skin’s thirst, Hemp Seed Oil helps slow down oil production and as a result, minimise your skin’s susceptibility to breakouts. Yaaas.

Did someone say younger looking skin?

Act our age? Yeah, sometimes. Look our age? Oh honey, no!

Just when you thought its ingredients list was already impressive, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 show up to the party. These antioxidants may very well be what’s flowing in the fountain of youth because seriously, they know how to show a wrinkle to the door!

With every year that we age, our body’s ability to produce collagen, the key to young and plump looking skin, slows down. Add sun damage and the environment around us into the mix and our skin can really take a hit and look older than it actually is.

The rich antioxidants found in Hemp Seed Oil work to not only visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles and irregularities but also protect your gorgeous face from free radicals. Caused by UV rays and pollutants present in our everyday life, antioxidants work to counteract the damage caused by these nasties and help to reveal a more even skin tone and refined texture. Paired with your favourite SPF product each morning, it’s like you’ve got your very own superhero, protecting your skin at all costs.

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    LOVE 😍

  2. avatar Katie Smith says:

    So it has retinol? Isn’t vitimain A a retinol? Would love to have if this is so

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