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The best skincare habits you can create for a happy and healthy complexion

The best skincare habits you can create for a happy and healthy complexion

We get it. It feels like there’s a new skincare trend or hack every week and it can be hard to keep up with! What we’re here to remind you is happy and healthy skin never, ever goes out of style. So, how do we achieve it and once we’ve got it, maintain it? It’s all about turning your love for your skin into daily and weekly rituals. Here’s four of our faves that always yield good skin results.

Double cleanse your skin

It’s time to cleanse it, cleanse it real good. At the end of the day, a good cleansing routine is going to set your evening skincare routine up for success. What makes it work even more effectively is cleansing twice. Known as double cleansing, this is a super easy and effect daily habit to create, especially if you wear daily makeup and sunscreen.

Your first cleanse is will breakdown the makeup, sunscreen, products and oil on your face allowing your second cleanse to effectively target sweat, bacteria and dead skin cells at a much deeper level than if it had to deal with all of the other stuff.

You can up your double cleanse game even more by choosing an oil-based cleanser as your first and a gel or creamy cleanser as your second. The oil-based cleaner is ideal for this first step as it will melt away the products on your face and attract itself to any breakout-causing oil without upsetting your skin’s natural moisture balance.

Apply sunscreen every morning

One of the best habits you can start right now for happier and healthier skin is wearing sunscreen each and every day. Of course, we all know that sunscreen prevents us from getting burnt but it also seriously supports the skin.

A broad-spectrum sunscreen protects your skin against both UVA and UVB rays. A neat way of remembering their roles in skin damage is this – the A in UVA is for ageing and the B in UVB rays is for burning. This also reminds us that whilst the sun isn’t shining, accelerated ageing can be happening if you’re not wearing your sunscreen. Why? Because heat has nothing to do with UV!

Apply your sunscreen as the last step in your skincare routine and reapply throughout the day – especially if you frequent outside a lot or work in the outdoors. Your skin in 20 years will thank you for it!

Create healthy sleep habits

Did you know that getting consistently poor sleep doesn’t just impact your brain but your skin too? Those TikTok scrolls until 1am are impacting what is called your natural circadian rhythm.

What this means is the likes of phone blue light, tv brightness and laptop screens can make our skin cells think it’s a different time to what it actually is and therefore, not do what they’re meant to be doing at night – replenishing and repairing. This can be the source of unwanted pigmentation, eye puffiness and bags, collagen production and the skin’s ability to heal itself.

This is why so many skin experts recommend creating good evening habits known as sleep hygiene. From committing to switching off devices at a certain time, practicing wind-down methods to choosing a time to go to bed each night and sticking to it, creating healthy sleep habits will benefit so many elements of your life, especially your skin.

Treat your skin to natural ingredients

For the past year, the idea of the at-home facial has taken the internet by storm. It’s become the hot topic for self-care and a hack that’s gotten many people around the globe through these tricky times. We’re here to say that a weekly at-home facial is SO much more than a trend but a self-care habit that is a first-class ticket to happy and healthy skin.

What can make this habit even better is selecting exclusively natural ingredients in your products. Celebrating natural ingredients is something we’re very passionate about and as so many incredible skin results can come from choosing all-star Aussie ingredients!

From when to apply a face mask to how face oil can be your secret glow weapon, we recommend checking out our blog to learn our favourite step-by-step at-home facial. An amazing habit that you should implement each week, we show you how to truly put natural skincare ingredients to work and reap the benefits of happy and healthy skin.

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