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Tips For Healthy Skin During Isolation

Tips For Healthy Skin During Isolation

Simple Isolation Skincare Tips

1. Eat Healthy

Keep those great eating habits and avoid snacking with an increased time at home.

2. Exercise

Being active increases circulation in the skin leaving it bright and healthy.

3. Quality Sleep

Quality sleep has always been great for your health and skin so avoid those later nights and stick to a regular sleep cycle.

4. Face Masks

Face Masks give your skin an extra boost especially if you’re suffering from dullness, dryness, and breakouts.

5. Give Your Skin A Break

Your skin will reap the benefits of not being clogged up by layers of foundation and concealer.

6. Clean Up Your Beauty Products

It’s important to keep your make-up and skincare products clean as they can be a great breeding place for bacteria.

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