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Transitioning Your Summer Glow to an Autumn Radiance

Transitioning Your Summer Glow to an Autumn Radiance

While the end of Summer has unwillingly graced our lives and the realisation of Winter being (gasp!) only a couple months away, it’s time we adjusted our skincare routines to match the cooler weather fast approaching.

Read on to find out the tell-all transitioning tips you need to know this Autumn season.

Tip 1. Lock in that hydration

Summer has said sayōnara and swapped out our beach filled, sun-swept days with dry wispy winds accompanied by an onslaught of cracked lips and parched skin.

Oh how lovely. So you know what that means - time to take your moisture levels up a notch! Your light weight skincare products can start to be stashed away, in place of face creams that are thicker and more nourishing.

These heavy-duty creams will also do the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated throughout the cooler days, especially given people tend to experience under-oil production once summer ends.

Under eyes, lips, face and hands are the areas to remember to focus your extra TLC on.

Tip 2. Now has never been a better time for a weekly mask

While we love a good face mask ANY day of the year, achieving an Autumn radiance will be much better helped with the addition of a weekly hydration mask to your routine.

The perfect key to bright and luminated skin, a hydration mask will provide that added boost your skin craves during our week to week escapades, and will certainly not go astray when preparing for a big event or birthday.

Tip 3. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

We believe this step is so important to transitioning your routine it needed to be said three times! During the cooler months, our normal skin renewal process tends to slow down, meaning our skin shed less often, in turn causing dryness, roughness and most commonly a duller looking complexion.

Not a vibe.

To bring your skin cell renewal back to par, you could try microdermabrasion treatments, AHA/BHA masks or alternatively investing in a quality exfoliant that will rejuvenate your skin and help stimulate collagen renewal.

Tip 4. Autumn does not mean you should be forgetting your SPF

Do not forget your SPF!

Even on those sneaky cloudy days when the sun is gone to the world, this is absolutely not a reason to be omitting SPF from your routine as a way to “save time”.

Applied in under 30 seconds, ensuring SPF stays a permanent fixture in your morning routine will be the single handedly most effective skincare venture you could possibly partake in.

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