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The Power Of Hemp

The Power Of Hemp

The Power Of Hemp For Skincare And Beauty

Clay masks are a timeless beauty secret but by infusing our mask with hemp seed oil we have found a way to take clay to the next level. Here is a bit about why the addition of hemp will elevate your beauty outcomes. 

What Is Hemp Seed Oil?

Let’s first begin with what hemp seed oil is. It’s a pressed oil from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant. It contains no CBD or THC as it is just the seed. It’s an oil that has been legal for many years around the world and is a popular choice for cooking and topical applications such as in skincare and beauty products.

Why Is Hemp Seed Oil Good For Your Skin?

Oil-based beauty products aren’t always the first thing that comes to mind when we think of beauty and skincare, as most of us are trying to minimise the oil on our skin. However, we must not forget that oil is nature-made, and just like clay, nature delivers the most powerful beauty solutions. Hemp seed oil can:

  • Minimise and regulate oil production
  • Hydrate and nourish your skin
  • Soothe inflammation
  • Minimise the appearance of fine lines

Why Combine Clay With Hemp?

Using a clay mask twice a week can pull impurities from your skin, shrink and refine pores, minimise oil and breakouts, tighten, brighten, and firm the skin. While clay is gentle enough for all skin types, some ladies find their skin to be a bit dry after they rinse away their mask. By infusing our clay mask with hemp seed oil your skin remains hydrated while the clay deep cleanses. 

Even if you’ve been using clay masks for years you will see and feel the difference of using Hey Bud Skincare. Hemp seed oil is our key ingredient and the reason why we are Australia’s #1 Clay Mask!

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  1. avatar Tyler Johnson says:

    That’s interesting that hemp oil can help make your skin less oily. I could see how that would make it a lot easier to keep your skin looking nice. I should consider giving a hemp oil face scrub to try and see if that helps me keep my skin clear.

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